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Airport Romance- Chapter 9

“Hi Richard.” “Hi Kim, so much for being busy. I know you were hosting a lunch, but how hard is to pick and say I am busy.” “I am so sorry Richard,I am still not used to having a cellphone and I totally forgot that it wasn’t on me and like a stupid person I was wondering why you haven’t called yet?” “I will forgive you after all you were waiting for my call .” “So?” “So?” “Come on Richard, how was the food?” “Oh the food, Sorry I haven’t tried it yet.” “Don’t be silly. I am sure you must be swamped with work.” “Totally, this workshop is super tiring, but it has got me so excited to be back and get things going and Sarah got this amazing salad from this organic farmers market down the road and it was to die for, you should come try it someday.” “ I would love too, Richard there is someone at the door I need to go.” “I can stay on the line, I want to tell you all about the workshop and Sarah my co-star.” “Sounds exciting, I haven’t been  so excited about anythin

Airport Romance- Chapter 8

Kimberly  Marcus has been gone for over an hour now and he still hasn’t called, in the mean time my friends have arrived. Laura and I have been childhood friends and neighbours when we were young. Her father decided to move to Beverly Hills when we were 10, but she got her way and still continued to go to the same school as before which is one of the reasons we have been friends for so long. We  ended up going to the same high school and later she went to Paris for an art course. She now organises art exhibits for established artist , I must say nothing has changed about her she is still head to toe covered with branded clothes though what I like about her is she is super down to earth so wearing a Gucci bag which cost half of peoples monthly wage hasn’t turned her into a snob. Laura’s younger sister Karen and I known each other since I can remember. Laura had stayed over at our place the night her mother was in labour with Karen, I have seen Karen grow in front of my eyes, but w

Airport Romance- Chapter 7

Kimberly  Thanks to Richard being back in LA doesn’t feel so bad, spending time with him was so much fun. It got fairly late till we got back home all thanks to me, after trying all those ice-creams we hardly had any energy to move till the time I dropped him and got home it was six in the morning. Dad saw me come home when he was leaving for his morning jog, but he didn’t ask anything and nor did I bother to tell him anything. Dad and mom have both been very patient with me, the day when I came back they both where in tears they hugged me and didn’t ask a thing, they did though complain about me not telling them that I was going to be home. We had a nice quiet family dinner that night even my brother Jacob joined us, he is still super annoying and had way too many questions for me luckily mom did put an end to his investigation, I sure did miss my family. I don’t know as of yet if I am going to stay in lA or leave after the wedding so till I come to a conclusion I am going to

Airport Romance - Chapter 6

I didn’t know I could get butterflies, I always thought that was an alien concept, but this two minute conversation has made me so happy and there is so much excitement in me I think I can somehow get through the day.  I walk outside my room to reach for Karl. “Karl, Do you want to get some work done today or not?" He is shell shocked obviously, but someone has to get things moving around here after all submerging my self in work is the only way to kill time now. “Boss  two thing, first I cannot not call you boss it is a habit now, second can you stop working already it is almost midnight. The amount of work we have done today is equal to two weeks of work for you on a normal basis.” said Karl  “It is almost midnight? She hasn’t messaged yet.” “Who hasn’t msged yet?” “No one, why don’t you call it a night Karl? I will see you tomorrow.” “Yes sure, but what about dinner boss?” “I am not hungry, you should eat I am sure Martha has cooked something.” What if the

Airport Romance- Chapter Five

It has been a whole day since I am back home and I haven’t managed to do anything productive, forget productive I haven’t left my bed yet.  “Hey boss, how was your vacation?” saying this Karl has entered my room. Karl I think is one person who I love and hate the most at the same time. Karl is a childhood friend turned manager who hates when I take vacation, but here he is pretended to show interest in my travel stories. “For one don’t call me boss, I officially hate that word and two get out of here I am in no mood to do any work today or for a few days to come.” “Boss? what is wrong with boss now? Forget that I would love to extend your holiday, but you got to finish your prep workshops for the movie, we start shooting next month. There is a list of thing that need to be done, on the 18th you have to shoot a magazine cover, 19th you need to attend Susan’s book launch and 20th you are attending the music carnival.  “Cancel the carnival? I need 20th to be free of any ev

Airport Romance - Chapter four

Chapter Three: They say you know a person better when you travel with them and I couldn’t agree more.So on this four hour not so smooth flight from Barra to London Heathrow I have learnt these things about Kim, she is super polite with everyone, she loves to flash that big smile of hers  too everyone who passes by her which makes the other person smile too.  She could talk to anyone and everyone with no hesitation, but not the small talks kind. She is one of  those people who talks to you and the next minute you are discussing your life stories with them, those too noisy people that I personally couldn’t  ever stand, but as you know already this one is different, with her everything makes sense.  As we land at London Heathrow,  the feeling that I never left has started to settle in, the same hustle, people rushing to catch their flights and a few turned heads, yes still hate airports.  “God, I am so ru

Airport Romance- Chapter three

This is the moment I know I should say something to her something that would make her feel better, but I am out of words. It is so refreshing to see someone who is so in touch with her emotions. “God, here I am telling you my life story and I don’t even know anything about you. So what are you running from?” saying this her switch has worked again, there is a massive smile on her face and the spark is coming back. “I am running from my work, same old boring story.” “It cannot be that bad, what do you work as?” “ I am an actor.” “An actor, I haven’t met one before, are you any good.” “ Decent, I have a few fans here and there.” “Give me you phone.” “Oh okay, here you go.” I am not sure what she is looking for, but I can see her trying to google something. “You call yourself decent? God how many awards have you won?” “I have  a long way to go trust me.” There it is again she knows I am an actor and just like everyone else she is going to act all weird now. “Lon