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Airport Romance- Chapter three

This is the moment I know I should say something to her something that would make her feel better, but I am out of words. It is so refreshing to see someone who is so in touch with her emotions. “God, here I am telling you my life story and I don’t even know anything about you.So what are you running from?” saying this her switch has worked again, there is a massive smile on her face and the spark is coming back. “I am running from my work, same old boring story.” “It cannot be that bad, what do you work as?” “I am an actor.” “An actor, I haven’t ever met one before, are you any good.” “ Decent, I have a few fans here and there.” “Give me you phone.” “Oh okay,here you go.” I am not sure what she is looking for,but I can see her trying to google something. “You call yourself decent? God how many awards have you won?” “I have a long way to go trust me.” There it is again she knows I am an actor and just like everyone else she is going to act all weird now. “Long way? You got a super long way to go,…

Airport Romance- Chapter two

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When you look at her there is nothing extra ordinary about her, but may be that is what makes her so beautiful. The fact that she doesn’t have to try so hard to look pretty blows my mind. She is just sitting there reading her book with so many expressions on her face I could look at her all day. We don’t even have to talk, her presence, just  knowing that she is here is giving me an ease, I think I am loosing my mind I just met her how can I fall in love with her.  “Oh my freaking god, I can officially be crowned as the rudest person on planet earth.” saying that she is now in front of me. “Are you okay?”  “I haven’t asked your name yet?” “You scared me there, Hi my name is Richard Miller.” “Richard Miller, it has a nice sound to it.” “Thank you, not sure what that means though. So Kimberly what are you running from?” “Running from?” “Everyone is running from something, looking for some kind of escape, what…

Airport Romance - Chapter One

Airports are so weird, there are so many emotions running at one place with  everyone there for a reason be it good or bad.  I for one hate airports,I am currently at Barra Airport in Scotland one of the smallest and most beautiful airport I have seen, but it is airports like these that I love.You ask why? just because no one here recognises me. No one here knows Richard Miller the guy who every one thought would be a one hit wonder, but after twenty feature films as a lead actor  I am still here. Loved by many hated by few they say and I still don’t know the reason why. Now don’t get me wrong I am not one of those super famous star who wishes he had a normal life, god knows I have worked very hard to be where I am today and I wouldn’t trade it for anything not even the famous normal life that so many talk about. What I do enjoy sometimes is being looked at as this 6 feet tall guy with black hair and nothing else just a random face in the crowd. My flight has been delayed for a good t…

That time when I went to Disneyland ALONE

First thing first, was it worth it ? Duh obviously it’s Disneyland the happiest place on earth. 
Like every other person who has had the thought of going alone to Disney even I had a lot of questions so I thought of taking expert advice,  the concierge and the guest service people of my hotel.  I was staying in an all expense paid hotel next to Disneyland making the hotel staff experts on this topic, mostly everyone wanted me to do go to Disney instead of Universal Studio because of the distance. I had people tell me why do you want to go to Disneyland alone it is a family place after all ? which they are right about, but going alone is still not a bad idea. 
I went to Disney at 8 in the morning and I stayed back till 12:30 at night. I still had things I wanted to do basically the whole experience was worth it. 
Let weigh it in the whole pros and cons scale :
Pros of going ALONE: 
There is no one stoping you: From going and meeting the Disney Princess to sitting on rides like Winnie the Po…

Beyond The Tales- Chapter 18

The doctors have been inside for a while, but no one has updated us yet. When I was little my mom always  said when ever things go wrong think happy thoughts till the time there is no room for anything bad, but take it from me it is easier said than done. Emma’s mom is going to be here any time soon, her flight landed a while back and every time the phone rings it gets harder for me to put on an optimistic voice for her. This whole accident has made me realise a lot of things for one Emma is way more important to me than I had ever imagined, sad it took me so long. This whole time having Ryan here with me seeing how worried he is for Emma makes me think may be he is Emma’s “Flower Pot” guy, Emma never liked when someone gifted her flowers she always said that when she meets the man of her dream he will know not to ever get her flowers instead getting her a flower pot, if they ever end up dating I will let Ryan in on the secret and he could impress Emma by being her “Flower Pot”…

Beyond The Tales - Chapter 17

It is said that the ‘what if’ are the ones that always haunt you at the end of the day. It was no different with Ryan and Harman today while waiting outside the ER. “what if I had gone to pick her up?” “what if I had gone straight from the airport to her?” “what if I had told her that I am in love with her” Ryan was having a hard time blocking these ‘what if’ out of his head. It was nothing different with Harman all he could think of his last phone conversation with Emma and about all the things he could have told her. The whole night they sat outside the ER watching doctors go in and out of the room but no one had any answers for them. 
“I can’t take this anymore, I need to know what is going on” saying this Harman walked towards the doctor who came out of the room.
“How is Emma doing now doctor?” 
“There hasn't been any improvement in her condition yet sadly, but she is still stable which is a good sign. Her organs are responding well we are just waiting for her to attain consciou…

Beyond The Tales- Chapter 16

‘Excuse me miss, I need to get to the emergency room. Hello miss are you even listening?’ ‘Sir, can you see that I am talking to someone you will have to wait for your turn,’ ‘Wait? I cannot wait, do you hear me I need to get to the emergency room’ yelled Ryan with now everyone’s gaze at him. ‘Second floor to the right’ ‘Thanks’ saying Ryan ran towards the stairs trying not think of any bad thoughts.  ‘I am looking for Emma. I got a call, there was an accident. Please tell me she is okay, please.’ by now Ryan was panting making it hard for words to come out of his mouth.  ‘Sir the doctors are in there with her, I will try getting one of them to come and update you on Miss Emma’s status.’ Ryan knew yelling wouldn't help so he went and sat down at the bench chanting ‘Please be okay, please be okay.’
‘Ryan? what are you doing here?’ when Ryan picked his head from his hand he saw Harman standing there.  ‘Not important, it’s Emma there was an accident and I don't know if she is okay.’ ‘Ryan …