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Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash : my pimple rescue kit

One of the biggest problems of being a teenager according to me is differently  unannounced appearance of pimples. It's like some weird signal that is sent to them "Okay so you have to attend a party" pimple time. Getting a rash is still better put a little foundation and magic but pimples no doesn't work that way. 
Having a pimple on an ordinary day is itself a task but when you have to go somewhere really important it's horrific. 
So I had to attend my cousins wedding.  Now Indians and wedding is like a huge thing. I had worked all the things out be it what to wear,  which shoes,  my matching accessories every little detail and then the morning of the wedding I have to face my biggest nightmare one big pimple.  It's not easy to get rid of pimples anyways and when you just have few hours it's horrific. When your in a wedding house you are surrounded by so many aunties you tend to get a lot of suggestions. I must have tried everything ice pack,  turmeric powder,  my aunties home made pack but nothing worked. So I am the wedding and everyone only notices the dreadful pimples. I go to click a picture and people go like not this profile that one this one shows your pimple.  So all the effort energy spent in getting my self the perfect dress went in vain. 
For normal people getting pimple can be like a phase this to shall pass types but when it comes to teenagers that is not the case. The number of times someone notices  pimple if you get a penny for it gosh I would have been rich,  it's not a cool sight when your class mates go like oh is that a pimple ewww and kids can be a little mean by again and again reminding you the same thing. 
When ever I have pimples popping I have to listen to everyone telling me Oh are you not eating right,  you should drink more water all these lecture are so irritating cause it's not in my control but it things are changing.
My mom is my rescue person she made me a rescue kit which contains of the Garnier Pure active neem face wash around a month back and things feel different.  What I like about this face wash is the freshness of neem,  one of the purest ingredient there is. Their anti Mark formula is the highlight for me pimples Marks can be a tough one to tackle so far the results have been positive let's see how this continues.

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