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This Valentine's Day pop the question

Now proposing your crush on valentine's day can be hard especially for girls when they have to ask a boy out. On the other hand for boys it's fairly simple cause we girls get easily impressed (not all girls but most :p)  be it a small gesture or a larger then life bollywood proposal we love it all. But proposing a boy could be a task, firstly it's hard to identify what they like other than sports cause they themselves ain't aware of it. Long gone the day when only a boy used to ask a girl out now it's the other way as well. So yes we girls can propose our crushes and like any other thing we can do it with style. 
The thought of if I proposed my crush on the most mushy and loved day on planet earth being the valentine day got me thinking I definitely won't do it the normal way.  Which led me to this amazing idea now for sure the execution is a little hard but not impossible. 
First I will invite my crush (Mr D keeping Dwyane Johnson in mind :p)  to come along with me on a road trip on a bike. Which I know he has to agree as few basic things boys like for instance are bikes , cars, gym. So I am using the mighty weapon bike. I will let him ride the bike with me to the pre-decided location. Now what happens at the location is the next big step but the ride till there needs to be one to remember. The moon light, the cloud breeze, sitting so close to each other are the little things in life that people love and it's necessary to not miss out of these little things because of the big picture. 
After the long romantic ride with Mr D we finally arrive at the location. The location basically is this huge concrete ground with nothing and no one around.  Next I ask Mr D to sit on a preconstructed staircase high enough to see the ground for the top angle.
Leaving Mr D alone at the stairs requesting him to remain seated until I ask him not to, I grab the keys and go ride the bike to the middle of the ground.  I look at him and then I do something for which I have practiced a lot a Burnout,  people who have done it or seen someone doing it know one thing that there is something about a Burnout stunt that you have to love it. Next on my list is a wheelie after landing few perfect wheelies,hoping that he has liked my performance (who won't like a girl doing stunts on bike) I get off the bike walk towards Mr D  I climb the stair case before letting him say anything I get down on my knees I tell him that I love him,  remove a letter from the pocket of my jacket and hand it to him.  It's a hand written letter to him by me saying that I want him to be my only like on Facebook, my only follower on Twitter,  my personal Instagram cause every picture I click from this day onwards is with him, my personal blog cause now every quote, every story I write will be for him, asking him to be mine forever.
I am still on my knee looking at him read the letter hoping for a yes, hoping to spend an eternity with him....
(who ever is reading this there is a possibility that the whole thing sounds very cheesy but I can tell you this writing this down,imagining the whole thing as it happened was the best feeling ever. So go out there ask the person who you want to be with the question and yes there is the huge possibility the answer may not be yes but atleast you have put in out in the universe. I know it's impossible that Dwyane Johnson will even read this ever but at least I know I tried and I can live with this feeling) 
After publishing this blog the best thing happened,  Dwayne Johnson didn't just read it but even replied :) Power of love :)  


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